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Paying For Your Advertising
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Advertising on this site can be paid via the following methods:
- E-mail (aka Interac) Bank Transfer:
You need a bank account and on-line banking for this. Please see your on-line banking for more information. Payments can be sent to the email shown on the Contact page.
- Credit Card:
Please don't send me your credit card info, I don't process the cards myself I use a payment processing service. I can send that portal link if requested or if specified on a new ad request. Your credit card statement will show a payment to a generic business name, NOT "London Sugar".

All advertising is prepaid. Your ad is not concidered as paid until payment is received, not when you send it. Please keep a record of your receipt from whichever method you choose in case there is a problem. If your payment is delayed for whatever reason, you must notify the administration right away to avoid any disruption in your advertising. I never assume your payment will arrive eventually.

Professional Income Tax:
If you need a receipt from London Sugar, it will be e-mailed to you only by request in February each year.

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