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London Sugar is an Adult Entertainment website offering advertising to businesses serving the London Ontario and surrounding areas. Established in 2001, this site has seen many changes (including it's doman name) but has always been owned by one man with an open mind, big heart, firm hand and a ton of respect.

To advertise here you must have a business targeted to clientele 18 years of age or older with a Mature Audience in mind.
On-Line businesses based outside of the area are welcome as long as their customer base includes the London Ontario area, and that advertising is approved by the London Sugar Admin.
If you are denied advertising, it is only because your business is deemed to not be of benefit to this website or those who use it.

Ad Levels:
Full Page Ads are available in 4 tiers.

$20 Bronze Level ads - run for one week and meant for traveling advertisers who don't need long term ads.
This is the least affective ad as many potential clients may not see your ad until it's too late. Potential clients may only check this site once a week.

$40 Silver Level ads - are the same as Bronze Level ads but run for an entire month and gives you the cheapest ad value. This is a bottom tier ad. Ad can be cloned to other categories of the site for an additional $20 each.

$80 Gold Level ads - are seen above Bronze and Silver ads. They offer a free rotating banner on the Forums, more pics and an ad link to any positive reviews posted of you on the forums. You may also include one Video. This is a mid tier ad.

$120 Platinum Level ads - are top tier, all-inclusive ads. They provide maximum exposure and include ALL the options available with ads in any or every category applicable to your business services. Every ad can be unique to it's category.
Platinum may also includes a special VIP ad page with a direct URL which doesn't contain a menu to other ads. This is for anyone without their own website, to help promote only yourself outside of this website (does contain a link to this website via a banner at the bottom of the ad page).
Platinum Advertisers are also given a banner on the Main Page of this Website.

Special Discount Ads:
Currently Free are Retail and Photography ads. However, you must meet eligibility requirements to be granted an ad. Retail ads must not conflict with this site's content. Photography ads must have samples of your work and contain Artistic Nude and/or Boudoir type photos.
Nude Model ads are also free to current paid advertisers. For those wishing to only advertise as Nude Model please contact the Admin to discuss.
Staff Discounts are given to staff members of businesses already advertised on London Sugar. As an example, if a Massage Parlour advertises here, the Attendants quality for a special reduced price. Restrictions may be applied as determined between this website and the management of the affiliated business advertised.
First Time Advertisers to this website (and it's previous incarnations) are offered 50% off for the first month of advertising on either a "Silver" or "Gold" level ad.
Platinum Advertisers who prepay for 11 months ($1320), get the 12th month FREE (a $120 savings).

Advertising Details:
All Advertisers have access to the London Sugar Discussion and Review Board with permission to advertise in their specified Advertiser sections.
This is an optional added feature to give you the ability to further promote yourself. You are also allowed to join in to general discussions but asked to keep all "advertising" limited to your promotional forums.

Code of Conduct:
Abuse of the board or it's members may result in being restricted to advertiser forums only or complete removal from the website in serious abuse cases. Please be professional and respectful.
Anyone caught promoting an Adult Entertainment business on the board without permission may be banned.
Non advertised providers of adult entertainment may not post on the discussion board as this is still a form of self promotion, simply because your presence facilitates interest which causes potential clientele to seek out your services.
The policies of this website and the administration are not up for debate. "Bad Reviews" on the forums are the free expression of board members and can not be removed simply because you don't like them. However, this website does not tolerate fake reviews, disrespect or bashing of others. Bad reviews are limited to service complains and will be removed if deemed a personal attack.

This service is maintained on a daily basis with prompt replies to most messages. It is run by a human hand with great respect and appreciation of it's advertisers. If you have a concern about this website, the members of the discussion board or your own business, London Sugar will listen and respond.
London Sugar tries to be light hearted in it's approach but does take your professional business, your peace of mind and your personal safety very seriously.

To Begin:
Please start by choosing one of the Ad Packages available.
For a full page ad, you will need to submit an Ad Request via the on-line form.
Photos for your ad should be emailed to Gerald (address located on the Contact screen and provided on the confirmation screen once you submit your request). Photos do not need to be sized but should not be smaller than 600 pixels either horizontally or vertically to get the best results. Minor editing is done before the ad is constructed and all photos are generally processed for proper contrast, lighting and colour by the Admin while being resized (if needed) for the ad. You may request special editing if needed (free of charge) for things like blurring your face.
Please note, nude or partial nude photos are only allowed in the Nude Models section of the site and on the Forums.

Payment for your advertising can be sent via email bank transfer to the Admin using the same address you use to send your photos. If you prefer to pay via Credit Card, information will be emailed to you on how to do this. Please note there is a small handling fee for credit card payments.
After your ad is complete, you are asked to limit further changes to one time a month. You may increase your ad level to a better package at any time.
All monthly ads are prepaid and set to renew every month from the day your ad was posted.

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