Placing an Ad on London Sugar

All Advertisers have access to the London Sugar Discussion and Review Board with permission to advertise in the specified Advertiser Forums.
This is an optional added feature to give you the ability to further promote yourself. You are also allowed to join in to general discussions. However, abuse of the board or it's members may resulf in losing that priveledge and getting restricted to advertiser forums only. Please be professional and respectful.
Anyone caught promoting their business on the board without permission will be banned.
Non advertised providers of adult entertainment may not post on the discussion board as this is still a form of self promotion, simply because your presense facilitates interest which causes potential clientelle to seek out your services.
The policies of this website and the administration are not up for debate. "Bad Reviews" on the forums are the free expression of board members and can not be removed simply because you don't like them. However, this website does not tolerate fake reviews, disrespect or bashing of others.
This service is maintained on a daily basis with prompt replies to most messages. It is run by a human hand with great reapect and appreciation of it's advertisers. If you have a concern about this website, the members of the discussion board or your own business, London Sugar does listen and respond.
London Sugar tries to be light hearted in it's approach but does take your professional business, your peace of mind and your personal safety very seriously.

To Begin
Please start by choosing one of the Ad Packages available. For a full page ad, you will need to submit an ad request via the on-line form associated to the ad package you choose. Photos for your ad should be emailed using the address provided on the confimation screen after you submit oyur request. The address can also be found on thiis site's Admin Contact Page. Photos do not need to be sized but should not be smaller than 500 pixels either horizontally or vertically to get the best result. Minor editing is available before the ad is constructed.
Once your request has been reviewed by administration, you will be emailed with payment information or in the unlikely event of being denied you will receive a rejection message. It is very rare to be denied advertising unless you've previously advertised here and have been abusive to this service or those who use this site. You may review and request changes to your ad once posted. After your ad is complete, you are asked to limit further changes to one time a month. You may increase your ad level to a better package at any time.
All ads are prepaid and renew on the anniversary day of your first payment.

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