Banner Advertising
If all you need is a Banner Ad, then this page will provide you with the information needed.
Banner Advertising is good for promotion of other websites, and a good enhancement to a full page ad on this website. It is not recommended as your only advertising if you are a provider in the adult entertainment industry as it's the full page ads that get the most views.

Due to the design of London Sugar, displayed banners must be sized to the Internet standard of
468x60 pixels in size.
File size should not exceed 50k and formats may be either jpg or gif.

London Sugar reserves the right to refuse any request for advertising
London Sugar does not allow the sale of sexual services as per current Federal Law.
You may cancel your prepaid ad at any time however, there are NO REFUNDS for cancelled ads, or ads terminated for abuse of this website.

Payments may be made by Interac Email Bank Transfer, or via Credit Card
lease see the Payment Options page for payment details

Basic Banner Only Advertising

$40/month - Linked to your website
(approximately $1.33 per day)

One Month Basic Banner Placement

- One Banner placed in 5 locations
   (468x60 pixels JPG or GIF static or animated Max 60KB)
- Rotates on Main Directory Page with other banners
- Rotates both at the top and bottom of the Forums with other banners.
- Permanent (always displayed) on Forum Banners Page
- Permanent Position on General Links Page

Marketing Note:
- A Basic Banner Ad should not be used instead of a full page ad if you qualify for one. Full Page Ads get more views.
View the Full Page Ad rates page for more info

Banner Design Prices
One Static Banner - $20
Every banner after that - $40

Click here to Contact the Admin for more details

Full Banner Only Advertising

$80/month - Linked to your website
(approximately $2.66 per day)

One Month Full Banner Placement

Includes all the features of the Basic Banner Ad

- Banner is always displayed on Main Directory Page
- Ability to have different banners (one for each location)
- (Optional) One static banner designed **

** You may request a banner be created for you for free
Every attempt will be made to design a good banner but there is no guarantee it will be to your satisfaction
Please be specific of what you want it to say and provide any pics you wish displayed.

Banner Design Prices
One Static Banner - Free
Every banner after that $20

Click here to Contact the Admin for more details

Reciprocal Links

Trade Banner Links with London Sugar for free
Available only to those in the London area NOT advertising adult entertainment
This site does not promote it's competition or offer link exchanges
with non supporting Adult Entertainment Advertisers
Location available for link exchange is the General Links page only
Each request is considered, for approval but may be denied if considered
non beneficial or detrimental to this website
Special consideration given to websites promoting health and safety

Click here to Contact the Admin for more details

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