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Welcome to London Sugar! For London Ontario and surrounding areas

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Announce Welcome Visitors

This forum is open to view to anyone, although some areas are closed to those not registered as members.

Registration is open to Ontario residence looking for services in London.
If you live outside of Ontario, your registration will not be approved without a valid reason to be here.
If you live outside of North America, your registration will be deleted immediately.
These rules exist to keep the board free from spammers and irrelevant posts. The primary purpose of this site is for advertisers to get clients.

If you are an Adult Entertainer, you can register to the forums but you will not be allowed to post without paying for an ad. This is to protect the advertisers who do support this website. Trying to convince me that posting here is not advertising yourself is an exercise in futility. Just being here brings you attention and attention = advertising.

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