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Default Re: gloryholes: fact or fiction?

Originally Posted by Le_Slacker View Post
true story...

back in college, a bunch of us (booze heavily involved) and our girlfriends came up with a great idea... all guys left the room, all girls wrapped themselves up in blankets and kneeled down at various chairs/couches.... we came back in, had no idea who was who, and girls proceeded to give a bj to the guy that sat in front of them.... when done, all guys left.... and never knew who did who...

closest to glory hole I've experienced...
I was shy, reticent, and rather virginal in my university days so missed out on stuff like this.

On Topic: Glory holes strike me as a rather nasty, dangerous practice unless you're pretty sure of who is on the other side. I know the uncertainty is supposed to part of the thrill but ...
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