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Non Advertised Providers

Why can't I post?

If you are a service provider then you must pay for the right to post on the board. The board is only free for clients and potential clients of providers. Just being on the board is a form of advertising which directly affects advertising from Paid Supporting Advertisers and steals revenue from this website. If you feel this website is important enough to join as a member, then you should purchase an ad to support. The money you make from this website will pay for your advertising so it really costs you nothing to advertise here and gives you full access to the board.

How do I advertise here?

All Advertising delails are located here: www.londonsugar.com/advertising

We also have an excellent photographer if you need photos. You can create a very attractive ad page that works just as well as having your own website but comes with it's own client base. You are welcome to promote your ad page on other sites as well.

Is this site better than Backpage?

You will get more responses from Backpage, more no shows, more cheap guys and more "less than desirable" clients. Backpage is okay to maximize your earning potential. Clients from London Sugar are used to paying higher rates so they are here to find quality providers. They are more serious and generally are more respectful. As long as you provide a quality service and stay on top of your marketing, you will make good money here that more than justifies your advertising. Just ask our top advertisers paying $120/month!

What does this site give me as an advertiser?

As an advertiser you get full support and a real person to help you with your advertising. When you support this site, you are important, valued and respected. You can get professional advice, personal advice, legal advice and marketing advice. You get your own ad page and an area to promote yourself. Encourage your clients to write reviews and you will build a professional, quality business. The only reason not to advertise here would be if you don't provide a good service. There is zero tolerance for bad service. However, there is also zero tolerance for bad clients.

I'm coming to London for only a week, can I get the big ad for less money?

Most providers hate clients who try to haggle for cheaper rates and so do I. It's like walking into McDonalds and asking to pay less money for a Big Mac because you only want to eat half of it.

The clientele on this website like to plan their time and finances. They aren't on this website 24/7 so you are making a mistake if you start advertising the day you start working in London. Advertising a couple weeks before your arrival will get you more business, better prebooks and establish your place along side the other advertisers. Therefore, paying the full rate for a one month ad is good planning, smart marketing and more profitable to you.

Is a bigger ad really worth it?

It all depends on what you need. A new advertiser is going to get the most attention. You need to capitalize on that and milk it as long as possible.

The bigger the ad, the more professional you look. Clients will assume that if you can't afford the big ad, you must not make a lot of money in this business. That will cause them to question if you provide quality service. Your ad creates perception and it's that perception that brings them to you. It's your services that keeps them coming back for more.

Advertised Providers

Can I get a bigger ad?

If you have a small ad, you can bump up your package to a larger ad at any time. Depending on when your last ad payment was, the cost may be pro rated to cover the difference until your next billing cycle.

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